Athens embracing the world

Of the 242 proposals submitted from 14 countries around the world, the Emblem of Athens 2004, was chosen for its simplicity and purity. It inspires a sense of the emotions surrounding the Games: a return to the original spirit of the Olympic ideals, and Greece’s readiness to embrace the world and invite everybody to take part.

The circular shape of the olive wreath is a powerful symbol, capturing a multitude of meanings both of Greece and the Games and the spirit of both. A symbol of infinity and simplicity, the circular wreath may be seen as an extension of the Olympic rings, as representing the Olympic track and the broader implication of the circle of life.

“Everyone's attention will be drawn to this emblem, not only before and during the Olympic Games, but also for many years to follow. It will forever be part of the history of the Olympics.” –Juan Antonio Samaranch, the President of the International Olympic Committee, 1999

The 2nd best symbol of all time with just 2 points away from Tokyo’s 1964 Olympic Emblem. Milton Glazer, renowned designer of the famous symbol  I <3 NY, 2016

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