TOGAS House of Textiles

We have redesigned the corporate identity of TOGAS, the leading textile company in Russia, repositioning it as 'TOGAS House of Textiles' adding a contemporary flair with inspiration and strategic creative thinking. We repositioned the TOGAS brand, restructured the brand architecture, designed new packaging and created the entire identity and communication, both in print and in digital media. The redesign was inspired by a changing world and it highlights the uniqueness and individuality of TOGAS House of Textiles and its quality home fabrics. TOGAS has established itself in the Russian market with a presence of over 40 shops and boutiques in 12 cities, 15 stores which supply TOGAS products, 12 retail points in malls and 13 hypermarkets which stock more than 3000 TOGAS products.

“We have chosen Red Design Consultants in mid 2012 , to help us re-define our brand. We operate the leading home textiles brand in Russia and we were looking for an equal top notch partner that would understand our needs and swiftly adept to our demand  for change and evolution. Red Design posses a proven record in branding consulting as well as fresh ideas and strong creative that we had set as parameters in helping us clarifying our vision and developing our brand for the future. Red Design produced an excellent road map that is followed today; not only in providing us with an upgraded brand logo but in drafting out a brand strategy in all aspects (merchandising, packaging as well shop design, product categorisation). We have successfully upgraded our brand position thanks to the collaboration with Red Design team, their passion and love for our brand as well as  their international retail business knowledge. We are grateful for their hard work, dedication, sincerity and trust-worthiness which are rarely combined all together.” –Kostas Togas, CEO