Create an ideal banking experience for today

Optima bank is a contemporary, commercial bank with 28 branches around Greece. The use of confident, minimal typography strengthens the central message and philosophy of the bank, which aims to offer the best (optimum) banking experience to individuals and businesses, through simple, useful, contemporary and flexible products and services. The colour palette in purple and bright orange is dynamic, optimistic and bright. It expresses the joy of a contemporary banking service.

The extension of the identity in the branches cooperates freely, creatively and harmoniously with the natural materials and with the contemporary and minimal architectural configuration of the space. The overall feeling is that of a bank that transforms daily transactions into a pleasant experience for everyone. The complementary visual language of designs and patterns based on the colour palette embraces the identity and enhances it in the digital environment.

Services provided: brand retail identity, stationary system, brand manual, brand assets, patterns, colour palette & typography, environmental design, digital applications and animations, naming, website, communication.