Sunshine in a Bottle

Even legends need to grow and change in order to maintain relevancy. Metaxa is the legendary cognac label in Greece, possessing a long tradition and a unique personality. Re-vamping a legend requires that extra sense of how far to go, what to keep, what to change, and what to add. We approached the task with a combination of boldness and sensitivity, resulting in a true transformation of the brand, referencing its traditional characteristics while making it both relevant and modern. 

"The essence of Metaxa's wealth and heritage was captured fully in the brand book created by Red Design Consultants. It provided guidelines for marketing, design and communication, instrumentally assisting Metaxa to establish a stronger presence in Greece and to expand its presence in international markets."
 –Spyros Ghikas 
Former European Director at Remy Cointreau

Services provided: brand re-design and packaging, brand manual & guidelines for production, brand communication & promotion