An original brand created from scratch by Red Design Consultants for Ifantis Group.

Esti Greek Extra Virgin Oil, made from the delicate Koroneiki olive variety, emphasises its unique features in an unexpected way. History and nostalgia are successfully represented by the naming as well as the innovative and original packaging. The sense of authenticity. The heritage of memory. The greek tradition. Esti packaging was designed with feeling and taste, evoking memories of family gatherings at the Sunday dinner table and the cosiness of our childhood.

“Red Design Consultants designed a Greek product which has strong, deep roots in our daily life and is a renowned and award-winning brand which not only wins its place at our table, but also in the Greek and international markets. Red… esti… Design" –George Papageorgiou, CEO Greek Land Foods

Services provided: Brand identity and brand architecture, packaging design, applications, communication & promotion, website, exhibition kiosk design.