All the Best

Finding the place where post-modern meets tradition. 'Bakaliko All the Best' is a store selling and serving traditional Greek food and delicacies. The re-invention of a traditional grocery store, adapted to contemporary consumer habits, was the driving idea. Taking inspiration from old Greek movies, using sparse design lines, and an expressive colour palette, the complete image projects a stylishly contemporary brand based on high-quality everyday products.

"Red has designed what was for us just an inspiration, providing us with the most valuable tool in today's world, a real, easily identifiable, lovable, smart, and most of all, unique identity. Red goes beyond design. Their professional team and their avant-garde ideas actually design your steps for the future, inspiring your business plans with a flair of uniqueness..." 
–Maria Cousta, 

Services provided: brand design and name, brand book, packaging design, brand applications, and brand communication & promotion